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Plamika has started its business at year 2006, in Vilnius. Through all those years since the beginning of the company, we have proven our clients to be a trustworthy manufacturing company that can offer quality products and punctually executes clients’ orders. The quality of all our products is tested throughout the whole manufacturing process. Company’s production volumes are constantly increasing and the production base is being renewed continually. At this moment, we produce about 5 million polyethylene bags per month. We are using European funds to help keep the production base up to date – our equipment is modern, ecologic and environmentally friendly. We are a socially responsible company.

The modern world today would be unimaginable without garbage bags. Our ancestors remember times, when they had to take out the trash in a bucket. This wasn’t convenient, and also, the bucket had to be washed afterwards. About 70 years ago Canadians Larry Hansen and Harry Wasylyk produced the first garbage bag from polyethylene. Today, the assortment of trash bags is enormous. They differ from one another in their size, color and density. We can offer you bags and film made of 100% recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE). We are not using new resources, instead, we use polyethylene that has been collected, sorted, washed and reprocessed again.

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